Building the Avenger
Six weeks after returning from Amsterdam our container arrived. We unpacked one complete top alcohol funny car, one complete but damaged nitro funny car and a spare body.

We decided to use the McKinney nitro chassis and both chassis were stripped. The assembly started to re-engineer the nitro funnycar into an alcohol class race car.

Every nut, bolt and component was refurbished, wiring, plumbing and a new gear set for the rear end.

A new dry sump and engine management system was installed.

A concept was agreed upon with Wayne and Adrian at Advanced Airbrush and the magic started.

It just got better every day.

Paintwork took around two weeks to complete before sending it back to JBK Smash for final clear coat.

The car had its first unveiling at Motorex Sydney 2005 and proved to be a major attraction as well as winning its first trophy.

The body had quite a bit of damage and received extensive repairs. Once the body was repaired it was retinned and new plexiglass.